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Dream big in 2023 and get life-changing results.

I believe everyone should be able to follow their dreams.

When we are young, we dream of what life will be like when we grow up, the person we will become, and the path we will follow. We might want to be an astronaut, a rock star, dancer, movie star or, like me, a superhero. Or we might dream of traveling the world, climbing mountains, or, like me, writing a book.

As we get older, more often than not, our dreams are put to one side. They get forgotten or buried under our insecurities that tell us, we can’t do that, we will never be that person. Instead, we follow the path that society has already laid out for us: get an education, get a job, settle down and then retire. We don’t have time for dreams, we are living in the ‘real’ world now.

Every year, I read reports saying that around 80% of Americans are in a job they hate. Plus, every year mental health issues are on the rise. So much stress and so little time. We are forever trying to keep up with a fast-moving world.

I invite you to stop, take a breath and remember the things you really love to do. Remember those dreams that you had as a child. Reflect on the things you would really love to do, the life you would really love to have.

I invite you to resurrect your dreams in 2023 and make a plan to achieve them. Whatever your dream is, make a series of steps that will get you there. If you play video games, imagine each step is a level. Get to that level and move on to the next. By making your goal into a game, you get to enjoy the process, and the challenge on the way. You may never get there. You may never be an astronaut or star in a movie but you might get close and on the way there, as you move up the ‘levels’, I promise you will learn a lot about yourself.

I have a process that I use in my coaching that will help you to set out your goal for following your dream and the steps that go with it. You can imagine it as a map that shows the route from point A to point B and I will be there with you all the way.

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