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Building Confidence:
How to Thrive as a Shy Person

Do you dread walking into a room full of strangers? Blush when called to speak up in a group? Feel that your low self-esteem is preventing you from living your best life?

I have spent years building a process for reclaiming confidence after losing all of my own following a toxic marriage. Now, my first book will help others reclaim their confidence too. 

My book  provides useful action steps that will help you to:

  • Tackle limiting beliefs

  • Recognise the link between self-love and self-care

  • Identify your values and set healthy boundaries

  • Change your behaviour by creating your own personal avatar

  • Utilise meditation and journaling to transform your self-image

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Extract from
Building Confidence.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Are you shy? Do you lack confidence? Are you longing to boost your low self-esteem, calm your anxiety and manage your reticence around others? If so, this book is for you.

I have lovingly written it for people just like me, or at least the ‘me’ I was before embarking on my journey to heal my lack of confidence. My book is for those who believe (oh, so wrongly) that they never have anything useful to say, and even if they could think of something, they would no doubt stumble over their words, or no one would be interested anyway. These are the people who really do have something to contribute but can’t find the courage to speak up. They miss so many opportunities to shine because they are too afraid to show up in the first place. If this sounds like you, then know that I have been there, too. We are the ones who say yes to things we ought to say no to; we are the ones who find ourselves in bad situations that could have been avoided if only we’d had more confidence and self-worth.

Building Confidence is available on Amazon as a paperback or kindle. 

Copies can be ordered from me direct by emailing


Amazon Reader

Building confidence is certainly a refreshing read and guaranteed to make you believe in your self worth if you ever doubted yourself.
It’s informative,open, honest, frank and beautifully written.
The author opens up about her early life, her strict parents and how she coped growing up in such a draconian regime. She speaks about her near death experience when she was attacked by an overbearing, controlling exboyfriend, feeling shy and worthless yet through a natural progression of understanding and reasserting herself overcame her inner anxieties culminating in her becoming the strong woman she is today !

Ruth, Spain

I loved the book. Reading it has helped me understand myself and many people around me better, but most of all, it has many useful tools to help find solutions and make significant changes that can turn us into the person we really are meant to be and stop settling with what we have. I want to thank the author for being so true and honest and showing us what her soul looks like in every page. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to improve in life and find a helping hand to make the journey easier

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